Why Are My Nails Getting Thick?

Are you having issues with thick nails, and you’re not sure why they are getting thick?

Thick nails are a common issue that many podiatrists see in their clinics. At Podiatry HQ it is a condition we see on a weekly basis.

There are a few reasons that your nails could get thick, these include;

Trauma, trauma can be a cause of thick toe nails, either from tight footwear, dropping something on your foot, stabbing your toe or even from running and the toe hitting against the shoe during your run. The repetitive stress causes trauma within the nail and causes it to thicken.


Nail fungusnail fungus is a common cause of thick nails, as the fungus causes the nail to become thick, brittle and discoloured, in some cases. Nail fungus can be picked up from nail salons, public pools and showers.

In some cases, thick nails can cause pain or be unsightly and embarrassing for some individuals.

If you are having issues with thick nails, come in to see one of our friendly podiatrists who will assess your nails and diagnose the cause. From here a treatment plan will be made that best suits your needs.


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Melissa Biedak

Melissa Biedak


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