Ingrown Toenails, How Do You Prevent Them?

Ingrown toenails are very frustrating, can be very sore and in some cases can get infected and need medical attention. They may even require a dose of antibiotics.

Here are a few tips to prevent ingrown toenails.

1. Cut your nails straight across, do not cut them with a curve.

2. Do not pick at your toenails.

3. Do not cut your toenails too short.

4. Do not leave your toenails too long.

5. Wear appropriate footwear for the particular activity.

6. Avoid shoes which are too small.

7. Avoid shoes which are narrow and pointy.

8. Check your feet daily.

9. Sometimes stabbing your toe or dropping something on your toe can cause an ingrown toenail, be careful and wear protective footwear.

10. If you see signs and symptoms of infection, go straight to your podiatrist or GP.

11. Avoid pedicures, if you wish to get your foot professionally done, it is best to attend a podiatrist.

At Podiatry HQ we treat ingrown toenails daily, if you are wishing to get some more advice or help treating your painful ingrown toenail, please don’t hesitate to visit us at Podiatry HQ.

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