What I, As A Podiatrist, Think About Cheap Nail Salons

Going to the nail salon is seen as a glamorous thing to do when going to an event or treating yourself to some pampering. While going to the podiatrist is seen as an unglamorous thing to do and something you have to do rather than want to do.

But on the contrary, going to an appointment at the podiatrist is going into a clean environment with the use of sterile instruments where your individual needs will be assessed and met.

Unfortunately, due to poor regulations in some cheaper nail salons, it is highly likely that unsterile instruments are being used. These instruments that are not sterilized are also being used on other people attending the salon on a daily basis. It is unknown what the person before you could have wrong with the skin on their feet or their toe nails. For example, they could have a wart, tinea or a fungal nail infection and in some cases a bacterial infection.

In addition, foot spas are a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus so if the spa is not cleaned between clients or cleaned thoroughly, there is greater risk of contracting a bacterial infection or a fungal nail or skin infection. ​


If you would like a clean, sterile pedicure, try Podiatry HQ’s Medical Pedicure, where we will assess all nail, skin and foot conditions and help you with your needs.

Take a closer look at the Medical Pedicure website.

If you have any issues regarding your lower legs and feet, don’t hesitate to come in for treatment and pampering, all rolled into one.

HICAPS is available at our clinic and your private health insurance can be used to claim against our services!


This article was written by Alex, one of our skilled Podiatrists. To book in with Alex either give us a call or book online and select ‘Alexandra’ as your practitioner


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Melissa Biedak


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