What Is A Corn? How Can I Make The Pain Go Away?

Do you have a bit of hard skin on an area of your foot such as, on top of the little toes, in-between the toes or even under the foot?

These hard, painful calluses are known as corns. A corn is a small area of hard skin caused by pressure and friction. Corns are usually round in appearance. In some cases, they can be very painful, as the hard skin can create pressure into the deeper layers of the skin.

Sometimes corns can be mistaken for a wart, it is important to get both treated and to distinguish the difference.


But what can you do to help the pain go away?

  •      The best treatment option is to make a podiatry appointment – the podiatrist will remove the corn. This is done in a painless manner and you will be pain free straight away.
  •      Use an emollient on the areas of hard skin to soften the skin.
  •      Use a pumice stone.
  •      DO NOT use a corn pad, this can sometimes make things worse as there is an acid that can affect and break down the good skin.
  •      If you are unable to attend an appointment for a few days, try using a donut pad to reduce the pressure placed on the corn.


If you are suffering from a painful corn or what you think is a corn, come in to see one of our podiatrists who will assess the area of concern.  We will address the cause of why the corn is occurring, what needs to be done to keep it away and advise if regular podiatry treatments are required.


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Melissa Biedak

Melissa Biedak


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