Sweaty Feet

Sweaty Feet

What is Sweat Feet?

Most patients who have sweaty hands will also have sweaty feet, known medically as Plantar Hyperhydrosis. Excessive foot sweating can be as severe as hand sweating. Problems in everyday life such as social and functional settings can be difficult. Shoes can be ruined, sandals cannot be worn, heels can be too difficult to wear, and foot odour and fungal infection can become problematic.

What causes Sweaty Feet?

There are a few different things that can cause excessively sweaty feet. Primary hyperhydrosis, for example, refers to excessive sweating, usually on the face, hands, and the underarms and feet that is unrelated to other causes (like heat, exercise and medical conditions). Although there isn’t really a known cause for primary hyperhydrosis, it seems to have a genetic link. Secondary hyperhydrosis means that your excessive sweating is being caused by some other condition, such as anxiety or health problems.


Regardless of where it occurs, excessive sweating presents an incredible problem to those living with the condition. When the act of shaking hands presents a problem, business and day-to-day life can become very uncomfortable.

  •  Sweatiness to feet also can be to hands, face and underarms
  • Odour
  • Discomfort in socks and shoes

Treatment for Sweaty Feet

While you may be embarrassed about your sweating problem, your podiatrist is a friendly professional who won’t think anything of it. In fact, your podiatrist can help you reduce the sweatiness of your feet and get you back to feeling normal again. To diagnose hyperhydrosis, your podiatrist will ask you about your symptoms and make the correct treatment plan for you.

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