Preparing Your Feet For Oxfam

With the start of Oxfam upon us this weekend, it is important to make sure that your feet are ready for your 100km journey.
In the lead up with your training you should have already trialed and tested numerous walking shoes that will be able to carry you through-out your journey to ensure you avoid blisters forming. Your shoes should be appropriate for long distance walking and need to be fitted to your foot type by a professional.


By knowing areas in which blisters tend to form you can ensure that footwear, socks and controlling moisture will help to avoid these blisters occurring. While blisters still may develop on the day, at least you will be prepared with first aid kits and trained podiatrists at all check points to keep you on the track.


It is also important that with ongoing training that you make sure you train in the same shoes and socks that you will be walking in on the day to ensure that your feet will withstand the long distance.
In this week leading up to the Oxfam Trailwalker it is important to consider these tips:
1. Remove excessive amounts of callus as this is likely to cause blisters to develop underneath
2. Apply emollient to your feet
3. Make sure all toenails and short and straight to avoid catching and irritation within the shoes, this will also help to avoid black toenails occurring.
4. Have your feet taped if you are prone to blisters and a build up of callus
5. Make sure that you reduce your training to ensure that you feel refreshed for the big event.


If you are about to participate in this weekends Oxfam event make sure that you book in to see one of our friendly podiatrists today to get your feet Oxfam ready. Just Book online or call 8645 9800 today
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