Why Am I Getting Tinea?

Tinea, also known as athlete’s foot is a very common condition seen in our clinics. Tinea is common as it is very contagious and easy to catch.

Tinea is a fungal infection that loves warm, moist environments, that is why it is caught when walking around barefoot around public pools, in public showers, at nail salons when using a treatment which involves a foot spa or other areas where someone has walked who has a fungal infection.

Tinea is easy to catch on the skin on the bottom of the foot when walking or standing in contaminated areas, it makes it even easier when the skin is dry or has cracks. Dry skin and cracks cause an entry portal for the fungal infection to get in.

Some people who attend the clinic mistake tinea for other conditions such macerated tissue due to not drying between the toes. This is a common mistake and is easy to make as it can look very similar.

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Melissa Biedak

Melissa Biedak


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