How To Care For Your Feet In A Daily Routine

It is important to care for your feet, and getting into a routine is the best way.

Here are a few tips to help care for your feet daily:

  • ​Wash your feet daily
  • Dry your feet thoroughly – especially between the toes
  • Apply an emollient to your feet daily but not between the toes
  • Check your feet daily
  • Inspect any changes
  • use a pumice stone on hard and dry skin
  • Wear thongs in public showers and around pools
  • Wear a new pair of socks each day
  • If your socks get wet they should be changed for a new clean pair
  • Wear appropriate footwear – that is, the correct size and provides good support with enough width in the shoe.
  • Make an appointment to see a podiatrist if you are getting any pain or have any concerns that you want to get checked with your feet.


Doing these different things to care for your feet will help prevent issues from arising.

If you have any issues or are wishing to get some advice on your feet don’t hesitate to call as at Podiatry HQ, our friendly staff are waiting for your call on 03 8645 9888 or


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Melissa Biedak

Melissa Biedak


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