Training For a Marathon: How You Can Avoid Blisters To Win!

Your marathon is around the corner and you may have your eating plan and training regime in order but have you thought about a blister prevention plan?

If you’ve ever run with an open blister, you know how painful it can be. The thought of that raw skin rubbing against your shoes almost makes you quiver. You can be rest assured that my simple steps will help you get across the finish line blister free!

Blisters occur due to high, repetitive friction and pressure. Sure they may be painful and ruin your running experience but they actually occur as the body’s way of dealing with the stress. The pocket of fluid is designed to protect the skin underneath and prevent it from further trauma. By eliminating this pressure, we can prevent it from even occurring! As Benjamin Franklin said “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

Socks are super fancy these days with heaps of built in technology to encourage breathability and moisture wicking. Sticking to socks made from synthetic materials or wool and bamboo will help keep your feet cool and dry. Try to avoid cotton socks as these absorb sweat and moisture and may create blisters.

Good Footwear
Are your running shoes more than 2 years old? Depending on the frequency of wear, your shoes may need to be tossed. Most running shoes have lugs, these are deep indentations that improve the stability and traction when walking or running. They flatten over time with regular use of the shoe. This may not be of great concern if your marathon is held on a smooth terrain however if it is off road and the terrain is irregular, this lack of feature can significantly impact your performance. If the shoe is unable to withstand the uneven terrain, you may get movements through the foot thereby creating shearing forces and unwanted pressures.

Most common area for blisters is at the back of the heel. This may be due to the heel slipping around in the shoe. One way to stabilise the heel is through a lock lacing technique illustrated by the picture.
Remember, preparation and prevention are KEY in avoiding blisters! It only makes sense to prioritise your foot health amongst your diet and training, as it’s a combination of these that will get you through!
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