Dry Cracked Heels: How to Get Your Feet Ready For Summer

Are you afraid to tuck into your summer shoes? Or does the thought of anybody noticing those dry, cracked heels terrify you? Keep reading to find out how to get your feet ready for its big debut!


Dry skin can result from internal and external factors. External factors like the weather and certain types of footwear that exposes large amounts of skin e.g. sandals and thongs can definitely increase the likelihood of dry skin. Another way to hydrate the skin is from within the body. Did you know the skin is an organ? Well, think of water as it’s fuel to keep it viable and living. Without adequate consumption of water, your skin will definitely show signs of dryness. So keep that water bottle close and drink like your life depends on it!


Healthy nails
Do you have a nail that just doesn’t look right? It could be a fungal infection. If you haven’t got around to getting your nails checked by a Podiatrist this is probably the time! Fungal infections are notorious for spreading to other nail/skin so better to get in fast!


Foot bath
Take this time to relax and soak your feet in your favourite bath salts! This is the perfect time to get out your pumice stone and get scrubbing! Get rid of all that dead skin around the heels until your left with soft, supple skin.


The last step of the process hoorah! Any sort of cream will do but bonus points for those that have intense moisture heel balms. Lather your foot in this goodness and apply a sock. Let your feet soak in the cream for a couple hours or leave it on overnight. You’ll be thanking me how soft your feet are!


Give these a crack and put forward some pretty feet!


As always, your friendly podiatrists from Medical Pedicure can help you with the aforementioned if you’d prefer to leave it to the professionals! Call our friendly staff today on 8645 9888 or you can book an appointment online here and treat yourself to one of our luxurious Medical Pedicure treatments for this coming summer.


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Melissa Biedak

Melissa Biedak


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