Corn Pads? Should You Be Using Them? – What We Think…

When you walk into a pharmacy and you have a really sore uncomfortable corn that is making walking to and from work unbearable or is stopping you from participating in your favourite activity; whether that be walking your dog or attending a dance class, you want to try the first thing that seems like it […]

What Is A Corn? How Can I Make The Pain Go Away?

Do you have a bit of hard skin on an area of your foot such as, on top of the little toes, in-between the toes or even under the foot? These hard, painful calluses are known as corns. A corn is a small area of hard skin caused by pressure and friction. Corns are usually […]

Daily Foot Care

Our feet are one of the most important parts of the body, and often, are one of the most neglected. Daily care is often over looked in our busy lives however, looking after our feet is not as hard as it may appear. Here are a few essential ways you can care for your feet. […]

Why You Should Avoid Thongs This Summer!

With all the crazy weather past us, it seems like sunny days are ahead! Before you slip on those flip flops and head to the beach, have a look at our top 5 reasons why you should seek an alternative shoe to thongs this summer! 1. Hammertoes Flip flops have no real fastening mechanism. When […]

Sweaty Feet Getting You Down?

Sweaty feet are very common, and can be very annoying. Excessive sweating is known as Hyperhidrosis and it is seen more amongst men than women and more in young adults compared to older adults. The cause of Hyperhidrosis is usually inherited but the reason it occurs is still unknown. Hyperhidrosis can cause individuals to slip around in […]

Why You Get Calluses?

What is a Callus? Calluses are tough, thick parts of the skin that result from friction and increased pressure. The development of calluses are often exacerbated with increased activity. These may not hurt but have the ability to crack and create a portal of entry for bacteria and other harmful organisms. What does it look like? […]

How To Get Rid Of Fungal Nails With Household Objects?

Fungal nails are more common than you would imagine. If you have been a victim of this condition, you would know exactly how difficult it is to get rid of! Fungal Infections can affect people of all ages and it’s usually contracted in communal areas that are warm, dark and moist. The infection presents as […]

What Impact Do Your High Heels Have On Your Feet?

While we are often drawn to high heels due to their pretty nature and their ability to make your legs look longer, we never really think what the effect of wearing high heels has on our feet and body in the long term. From the moment you stand in high heels, nearly 2/3 of your […]