Why You Get Calluses?

What is a Callus?

Calluses are tough, thick parts of the skin that result from friction and increased pressure. The development of calluses are often exacerbated with increased activity. These may not hurt but have the ability to crack and create a portal of entry for bacteria and other harmful organisms.

What does it look like?

Calluses often present on the bony parts of our feet; balls of the feet and at the heels. They present as a yellowish discoloration and are usually of a different texture to the rest of your skin.
Why do these occur?

There are several reasons as to why calluses develop. There may be some underlying biomechanical issues, which could be affecting the way you walk. This improper way of walking can place stress on areas that are unable to withstand.

More often than not, calluses can result from inadequate footwear. Calluses are often a result of the body’s way of reacting to the stress placed on a specific area. It builds layers of skin to try and protect the underlying structures from injury, pressure or rubbing.


• Ill-fitting footwear
• Abnormal gait
• Flat feet/High arched feet
• Obesity
• Bunions
• Old age
• Sweaty feet
• On feet for majority of the day

What can I do about it?

Getting rid of the dead skin is the best solution, this can be done by a Podiatrist with a scalpel by shaving the superficial dead skin or at the comfort of your own home with a pumice stone or emery board. Regular moisturising is vital in keeping the feet well hydrated and callus free. Additionally, if there are underlying biomechanical issues, be sure to head over to your nearest Podiatrist for a full body assessment.

If you have calluses or are unsure about your feet, make sure to contact us at Medical Pedicure to get them looked at by a professional. Our friendly Podiatrist’s will be able to assess and treat you with the appropriate care for feet. You can call to make an appointment on 8645 9888 or book online here.

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