Daily Foot Care

Our feet are one of the most important parts of the body, and often, are one of the most neglected. Daily care is often over looked in our busy lives however, looking after our feet is not as hard as it may appear. Here are a few essential ways you can care for your feet.



Wearing inappropriate footwear that is tight, narrow, flexible and made of poor quality materials, over time, leaves our feet at risk of injury. High heels, ballet flats and thongs are examples of some such shoes. Some examples of foot pathology be seen in long term use of these types of shoes include the development of corns, callus, bunions and clawed toes.

Wearing shoes with the right characteristics is essential. These characteristics include:

  • Wide and deep toe box to accommodate the toes and forefoot. This also allows room for the foot to expand and retract as it travels through the gait cycle.
  • Enclosed heel with firm heel counter. This provides support and control to the heel and ankle, improving stability and alignment of the lower limb and foot.
  • Straps, buckles, velcro and laces aid in securing the shoe to your foot, making walking an easier more efficient process for your body.
  • Firm outer sole with adequate tread. This provides stability and traction on the ground as you walk.
  • Soft inner sole with arch support as required. This provides comfort and support to the foot.
  • Maintaining your nails at an appropriate length will reduce the risk of cuts and scratches to your skin, as well as improving hygiene.
  • Wash and dry your feet thoroughly. This will also improve hygiene and skin health. Skin that is left dirty and with excessive moisture is at risk of fungal infections. Take care to dry thoroughly between toes as this can be a problem area.
  • Moisturising your feet will also reduce dryness and fissuring, helping maintain your skin as an effective barrier to the outside environment.

If your experience any foot pain, difficulty caring for your own feet or other concerns, book a regular appointment with your Podiatrist.


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Melissa Biedak

Melissa Biedak


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