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When you walk into a pharmacy and you have a really sore uncomfortable corn that is making walking to and from work unbearable or is stopping you from participating in your favourite activity; whether that be walking your dog or attending a dance class, you want to try the first thing that seems like it will remove all the pain…BUT STOP!

Corn pads are not going to get rid of that painful corn and in some cases, can make things a lot worse.

We see so many patients attend to our clinic that have tried using a corn pad, but still have the corn present, with pain and in addition, the skin around the corn becomes fragile and open.

Corn pads have a solution in them called salicylic acid, which is promoted to break down the hard skin and reduce pain and discomfort immediately. But what we see in the clinic, is that the corn pad is applied, it makes the corn soggy and breaks down the good skin surrounding the corn, which makes the skin appear white and macerated with pain still present.

In some cases, it can make the pain worse and can open the skin which causes an entry portal for infection.

Corns are hard skin that have a core which digs into the deeper layers of the skin. When this core pushes into the deeper layers of the skin, that is what can cause pain.

A corn needs to be removed by a podiatrist and the factors that are causing the corn need to be addressed. This could be, tight fitting shoes that are putting too much pressure on the skin or one’s bio-mechanics.

If you are currently suffering from a painful corn, don’t hesitate to come to see one of our friendly podiatrists who will remove your corn pain free and will help you address the factors that are causing your corn.


This article was written by Alex, one of our skilled Podiatrists. To book in with Alex either give us a call or book online and select ‘Alexandra’ as your practitioner.


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Melissa Biedak

Melissa Biedak


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