Sweaty Feet Getting You Down?

Sweaty feet are very common, and can be very annoying. Excessive sweating is known as Hyperhidrosis and it is seen more amongst men than women and more in young adults compared to older adults.
The cause of Hyperhidrosis is usually inherited but the reason it occurs is still unknown.
Hyperhidrosis can cause individuals to slip around in their shoes, and feel very uncomfortable and anxious as the feet can have a whitish appearance, this is due to too much moisture on the skin. The skin can sometimes breakdown between the toes and cause an entry portal for infections such as tinea and in a lot of cases it can cause painful blisters. In addition, foot odour is also a very common occurrence.
What should you do to help your sweating feet?

• Wash your feet daily (with an antibacterial foot soap) and dry the feet thoroughly after
• Wear a new pair of socks daily
• Wear cotton socks so the feet are able to breathe
• Spray your shoes with Glenn 20 or a Tea Tree spray (these items can be purchased at your local supermarket and/or chemist)
• Avoid wearing shoes with no socks
• Wear shoes with a breathable material
If you believe you a suffering from a hyperhidrosis or you are wishing to get some advice on your feet, or any foot related issues. Don’t hesitate to visit us at Medical Pedicure. Our friendly staff are waiting to take your call on 8645 9888 or alternatively you can book your appointment online here.

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