Are Salon Pedicures Good For Your Feet Or Should You See A Podiatrist Instead?

The nail salon industry has grown rapidly around the world. They offer cheap manicure and foot spa pedicures for a bundle price of generally around $35-$40 in Melbourne. This usually includes soaking your feet in a warm spa, cutting & shaping of nails, cutting away cuticles, scrubbing feet and removing a small part of hard skin all while you relax in a massage chair with a magazine.

Though it sounds nice and relaxing, it doesn’t sound as nice when the salon is using the same tools and equipment person after person without much or any sterilisation. And by not knowing anyone’s medical history before you, you could be contracting any sort of fungal, viral or bacterial infection.

The main concerns from patients leaving nail salons include:
– Tinea Pedis
– Onychomycosis
– Verruca
– Bacterial infections such as Super Bug Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) – can vary from mild to severe (excessive use of antibiotics has led to drug resistant s.aureaus, which in some cases can be fatal)

As podiatrist, we care for our patient’s feet and do everything to prevent any such issues from occurring. We use all sterile equipment and practice in a manner to prevent any cross contamination from occurring. This allows our patients to leave their appointment with happy and healthy feet.

Here at Medical Pedicure our services are described as; ‘A Medical Pedicure is an individually tailored luxurious foot treatment performed by a Podiatrist in a safe and sterile environment which includes an exfoliation treatment, hot towel treatment, professionally trimmed nails and callus removal with a specialised moisturising treatment for feet and a foot massage’.

Please click the following link to see our website for more details – Medical Pedicure Website
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ASM – Journal of Clinical Microbiology
SMH – Warnings Over Nail Salons Health Risk


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