What Is a Plantar Wart and How Did I Get One?

A plantar wart, also known as a verruca pedis, is a highly infectious skin condition caused by the human papilloma virus that appears on the feet.


Warts appear as a small, raised bump on the skin which can feel smooth or can also have a rough surface. In some cases, a wart can have small black dots present in the centre.  Warts can appear in clusters or just singular and in some cases they can be painful and/or uncomfortable.

Warts are easy to contract, some cases include; if you have broken skin and walk barefoot on an area where someone who has a wart has walked, direct contact with a wart, walking around public pools or using public showers with no thongs, or attending nail salons and using treatments that involve a foot spa that has not been cleaned properly.

There are a few different ways of treating warts, which your podiatrist can talk to you about.


But in the mean time some things to keep in mind if you have a wart;

  •         Don’t share towels.
  •         Make sure you clean the shower floor after showering.
  •         Don’t walk around bare foot.
  •         Do not pick or scratch a wart.
  •         If you go to a public pool or use a public shower wear thongs around the pool and in the shower.



If you are suffering from a wart come, see one of our skilled podiatrist who will assess your area of concern and will create a treatment plan according to your needs. Don’t keep that wart sitting there too long, as in some cases can make it more resistant to treatment


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Melissa Biedak

Melissa Biedak


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