Weird and wacky treatments for plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain, marked by the inflammation in the plantar fascia. This is the band of tissue that connects the heel bone to the base of the toes. Heel pain can affect the way you carry out daily activities e.g. walking, standing, running and sporting activities. This is […]

Top 10 tips to get your feet ready for summer!

Summer is just around the corner and when it comes to getting ‘summer ready’, our feet are the last things on our mind. With less than a couple of months until summer, take down some notes on our top tips to ensure your feet receive the TLC they deserve!   Indulge in one of our […]

What ingredients to look for in a good foot cream

Our feet are some of the most heavily used parts of our body however can often be the most neglected parts of our body. Moisturising the feet should be part of your daily routine. In winter, the feet are deprived of moisture and air, while in the summertime, they can get too much exposure and […]

Are Your Toenails Yellow, Thick and Crumbly?

Have you noticed that your toenails have started to turn yellow, brittle, crumbly or thick recently? These are the most common and visible signs of a toenail fungal infection. Who is most at risk? You are most likely to develop a fungal nail infection if you: Wear artificial nails Have spa pedicures or shellac nails […]

A Podiatrist’s Perspective On Slippers And Ugg Boots

When we jump out of bed in the morning we often don’t want to feel the cold timber floors or tiles so we put our slippers on. Or, At the end of the day after you’ve been walking around in those hard, uncomfortable work shoes we just want to take our shoes off and put […]