What I, As A Podiatrist, Think About Cheap Nail Salons

Going to the nail salon is seen as a glamorous thing to do when going to an event or treating yourself to some pampering. While going to the podiatrist is seen as an unglamorous thing to do and something you have to do rather than want to do. But on the contrary, going to an […]

Why Are My Nails Getting Thick?

Are you having issues with thick nails, and you’re not sure why they are getting thick? Thick nails are a common issue that many podiatrists see in their clinics. At Podiatry HQ it is a condition we see on a weekly basis. There are a few reasons that your nails could get thick, these include; […]

What Is A Corn? How Can I Make The Pain Go Away?

Do you have a bit of hard skin on an area of your foot such as, on top of the little toes, in-between the toes or even under the foot? These hard, painful calluses are known as corns. A corn is a small area of hard skin caused by pressure and friction. Corns are usually […]

What Do We Think About Wearing Thongs in Summer?

Being in Australia, thongs, also known as flip flops, are a type of shoe that nearly everyone owns and uses at some point during the year. Whether it be wearing thongs to the beach, around the pool or on a daily basis in summer or winter. We want to look at what these thongs are […]

Why Is In between My Toes White?

Have you noticed, in between your toes, the skin is white and in some cases, can be a bit smelly? This is called interdigital maceration, in some cases it can be confused as tinea pedis, also known as athlete’s foot. Interdigital maceration is when there is too much moisture between the toes and this causes […]