The Best Ways to Avoid Blisters

Have you have been suffering from blisters for years while running and just can’t work out why you continue to develop blisters on your feet?

Before we can work out the best ways to avoid blisters occurring we need to understand what blisters are and why they occur.


A blister is a fluid filled sac that occurs on the top layers of skin due to an increased amount of pressure or friction. Your feet are the number one area that you will develop a blister. To ensure that we protect the skin and structures of the feet a blister will often develop as a protective measure.


Certain factors that may result in a blister forming include:

  • –          Increasing your running pace
  • –          Ill-fitting footwear
  • –          Foot abnormalities such as bunions, hammer toes
  • –          Non-absorbent socks and wet/ sweaty feet
  • –          Allergic reactions
  • –          Infections of the skin such as warts
  • –          Fungal skin infections such as Tinea


It is important to note that blisters should NOT be ignored by covering them up with a band aid. Popping or touching blisters could potentially result in an infection to the blister and surrounding skin, especially if a blood blister occurs in which tiny blood vessels are damaged resulting in a bruised appearance.


To avoid blisters occurring you can follow these simple rules:

  •       Choose socks that do not retain moisture within the feet such as Nylon socks which are more breathable
  •       Avoid shoes that rub against your feet
  •       Try taping your feet in areas most affected
  •       Use moleskin to prevent blister formation


While most people have an urge to want to treat the blister by popping it, usually most blisters will go away on their own. It is important to seek assistance from your podiatrist in order to find the most appropriate treatment plan for yourself. Call us on 03 8645 9888 today or Book Online


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Melissa Biedak


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