Why Does Your Skin Get So Dry?

Dry feet are a common condition that can affect everyone at any age.

The skin that is on our feet does not have any oil glands so therefore it is very easy for the skin on our feet to get dry. In addition, when individuals are not applying a cream to their feet regularly, the skin can stay dry and in some cases crack and become sore.

Factors that can cause the skin to get dry include;

  •         Very hot baths or showers
  •         Soaps – some soaps can be very drying to the skin, especially soaps which are not moisturising
  •         Hot weather
  •         Cold weather
  •         Wearing open shoes such as thongs and sandals
  •         Being bare foot
  •         Aging skin – moisture is naturally lost in the skin as we age
  •         Long periods of time spent in the sun
  •         Working/living in areas of low humidity – heating and cooling systems which dry out the air
  •         Individuals who do not apply any cream to their feet
  •         Skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis
  •         Medical conditions such as diabetes


It is important to get your feet checked by a podiatrist to assess what the underlying cause of your dry skin is. Your podiatrist at Podiatry HQ will run through the best treatment options for you and address any other factors during your visit.

In general, it is beneficial to apply a cream to the feet daily, if you have hard skin on your feet it is also beneficial to use a pumice stone or foot file  weekly.


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Melissa Biedak

Melissa Biedak


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