Why Choose Medical Pedicure Instead of a Salon Pedicure?

Salon pedicures are seen as glamorous and something to treat yourself to, but on the contrary, can cause a few issues that are not to the benefit of keeping your feet healthy.

These include, fungal nails, tinea, warts and in some cases, bacterial skin infections such as cellulitis.

The causes of these infections are not properly sterilizing equipment, the same instruments and nail files are being used on every second person that walks into the salon, and you do not know what the person before you may have wrong with their skin or nails. They could be suffering from tinea that they got at their local pool or a fungal nail infection that they got from someone at the nail salon from a previous appointment. In addition, the foot spas are breeding grounds for these fungal, viral and bacterial infections. If they are cleaned properly this reduces the risk of contracting an infection but it is not certain that this sterilization happens.


What should you do?

Our skilled podiatrists offer a service called Medical Pedicure. We use sterilized equipment, a hot towel that is only used for you and thrown away afterwards and it is all done in a safe environment with the luxuries included. We do not use nail polish as this has the potential to harbor fungal infections.

If you are wondering what a Medical Pedicure is in more detail and what type of Medical Pedicure would suit you best, have a look at our medical pedicure website – https://medicalpedicure.com.au/services/


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Melissa Biedak

Melissa Biedak


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