Psoriasis of the Nails

Psoriasis of the nails can affect the fingernails and also the toe nails, in most cases it is mild and doesn’t cause much of a problem for the person affected, but in some cases can be a bigger issue for people.

Psoriasis of nails can affect each individual to a different degree but can cause:

⦁ Pitting of nails – the surface of the nail can get pits, making the surface of the nail look un-even and rough.
⦁ Onycholysis can occur – the nail can become detached
⦁ Subungual hyperkeratosis – a chalky property can accumulate under the nail
⦁ Discolouration – the nail can change in colour due to the psoriasis, it can be more white in some cases and in some cases can look yellow
⦁ Brittle – the nails can become more brittle and fragile – in some cases can cause the nail to break
⦁ Onychauxic – the nail can become thicker, making it harder to cut and in some cases more uncomfortable in the shoe

Psoriasis of nails can be often confused as a fungal nail infection as many characteristics are the same, but in addition nails affected by psoriasis have an increased risk of developing a fungal nail infection (onychomycosis). This is due to the nature of the nail having less of a barrier.

If your nails are looking a bit different or have never looked normal, come in for an appointment with one of our friendly podiatrists who will assess the nails and advise on the best treatment plan for you and see what is causing your nails to look the way they do.


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Melissa Biedak

Melissa Biedak


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