Toe Nail Health and What to Look Out For

Changes to toe nail health may affect the colour, thickness and shape of our nails. These changes can occur for many reasons and commonly include fungal infections, ingrown toe nails, repetitive trauma and melanomas.
Knowing what to lookout for and how to successfully treat the underlying causes are key to having successful outcomes.
Fungal Nail Infections
Fungal nail infections are very common and difficult issues to treat in toe nail health. Signs to look out for include white, yellow and brown tone discolouration, thickening of the nail and lifting from the nail bed, odour and friability.
Ingrown Toenails
Ingrown toe nails are painful and often when left untreated become infected. Things to look out for include excessive curving of the nail, red tender skin along the nail boarder, pus/fluid, pain, heat and sensitivity.
Repetitive trauma to toe nails often results in bruising of the nail and surrounding tissues, thickening, complete loss of the nail and permanent changes to shape. Often ill fitting shoes and long distance running are the main causes of these such changes.
Changes to nail colour, particularly if rapid and affecting the surrounding skin can indicate possible melanoma. It is important to note that not all changes in nail colour have this cause and some changes are harmless being linked to darker skin types. If any change occurs quickly however, effects the surrounding skin, causes bleeding and has no history of trauma these are possible indicators for subungual melanoma.
If you have any concerns regarding your nail health, book an appointment with your Podiatrist to discuss aetiology and begin treatment.


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