How To Select The Correct Running Shoe For Your Needs?

Choosing the correct running shoes is just as important if not more important than making sure you are using the correct equipment for the sport you’re playing. You need to make sure that the shoe you will be wearing is going to assist in your running technique as well as providing comfort since you will be wearing them all the time.

To be able to select the correct running shoe for your foot type you first need to determine what your foot posture consists of.

There are 3 different foot types known as flat feet, neutral and high arches. To begin with let’s define what each of these really mean:

Flat feet occur when the arches are lowered towards or are flat on the ground and are typically more flexible with over-pronation occurring.

Neutral foot type occurs when the arch height is even, with minimal rolling inwards and outwards

High arches are the opposite to flat feet in which there is a significantly large arch making the foot more rigid

Now that we have determined your foot posture, we need to make sure that we are selecting a runner that will accommodate your foot type.

Those with flat feet tend to be better off with a high stability runner to avoid over-pronation, a neutral foot posture best suits a neutral style of runners and high arch types are better suited to a more cushioned shoe that allows some flexibility.

Foot type is not the only feature that you need to look out for when buying runners.

Other features you should look out for include:

  1. Shoes based on activity such as wearing basketball shoes that are intended to be worn for basketball. Activity based shoes are developed to facilitate the sport you are playing and to assist in avoiding injury
  2. Make sure to replace your shoes based on the wear and time frame that you have been wearing them
  3. Make sure that you are getting your shoes fitted to your foot type

It is important to note that those who wear orthotics or are being prescribed orthotics are best to wear a neutral style runner to avoid over correction occurring.

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Melissa Biedak

Melissa Biedak


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