Painful Arthritis? 5 Steps To Reduce Pain Levels

Do you suffer from painful arthritis? 

Here are some tips to help reduce your pain levels so you can continue with physical activity and daily tasks.


Heat therapy – apply a heat pack to the affected area for 15 minutes – this will help increase blood flow to the area and can also relax muscles. This will help reduce pain levels caused by arthritis, although be careful if you have a muscle sprain and there is swelling, heat can make it worse.


Have a warm salt water bath – the water is great to relax muscles and will help stimulate blood flow. Adding some Epsom salts will ‘boost magnesium levels as much as 35 percent, according to researchers at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom’.

In addition – finding a local pool to attend hydrotherapy exercises is beneficial in keeping up your physical activity while pressure is taken off the joints. The warm water will also help reduce pain levels.


Add turmeric to your diet – turmeric is a natural treatment that can be used, it is said to reduce pain, inflammation and stiffness from arthritis. It is used traditionally in Chinese and Indian medicine to treat arthritis.


Acupuncture – It is stated that acupuncture can help reduce pain levels associated with arthritis.


Weight loss – It has been found that people who are overweight suffer from increased pain from arthritis compared to those who are not overweight. There are proven benefits for weight loss and weight loss has helped reduce pain associated with arthritis.


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Melissa Biedak

Melissa Biedak


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