When home corn solutions go wrong

It’s so easy these days to access home remedies for a quick fix these days.  Corns and calluses that pop up unexpectedly and for the first time quite often draw many people to some of the medicated treatments offered over the internet and pharmacies across Australia.

Once applied, their active ingredient “eats” away at the corn or callus.  Job done… Unfortunately this isn’t necessarily true.  Many people who use these treatments end up suffering from even more after the application of the medicated disc.

The main reason for this is that the medicated disc does not discriminate between corn/callus (hard dead skin) and new soft supple skin so the active ingredient of these discs eats away at the good skin and can cause open wounds.  For people who do not read the side effects/warnings (eg diabetics, people with poor circulation), the results can be detrimental.

The other complaint that presents is that “it just didn’t work” ie. the corn/callus came back.

The key to treating the corn/callus is in how it occurs.  A corn/callus is a result of pressure or friction.  If the pressure/friction is not removed the corn/callus will form again and again.  No amount of discs will remove or “fix” it.

Simple solutions to reduce the likelihood and safely treat the corn/callus include:

Changing footwear, wearing socks or stockings with footwear, pressure deflection devices and orthotics.

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Melissa Biedak

Melissa Biedak


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