Things You Can Do To Relieve Pregnant Feet

Pregnancy is a time of many changes within a woman’s body, some of these very exciting as the child within you grows. However not all changes are as pleasant and foot pain is a very common complaint. As you naturally gain weight during your pregnancy a woman’s centre of gravity is shifted and this places a greater strain on the body. An altered walking pattern is adopted to compensate and the knees and feet are placed under much more pressure than usual.
As well as an inability to reach one’s feet during the later terms of pregnancy, over pronation (flat feet) and oedema are very common complaints. To help relieve these stresses from one’s feet while pregnant, a number of strategies can be implemented at home and/or within the Podiatry clinic.


Inability to reach one’s feet:
During the later stages of pregnancy reaching one’s feet becomes more difficult due to the physical size of the child within your pelvic and abdominal region. Simple tasks such as cutting one’s own toe nails, removing calluses and moisturising become near impossible. Booking an appointment with a Podiatrist for a Medical Pedicure is advisable to maintain simple foot hygiene and health. This also presents an opportunity to discuss and address other concerns you have have with your foot health.


Over pronation (flat feet):
Another effect to the natural weight gain of pregnancy is the increase in physical load our legs and feet have to carry. This increase in load can lead to over pronation, or flattening of the arches in one’s feet resulting in pain. A change in footwear to more supportive, structured and shock absorbing shoes plays an important role in providing relief to the feet. Additional support can also be achieved through the use of orthotics.


Oedema in the legs and feet can be reduced through a number of strategies and all should be used together. Elevating your feet often will help to promote the return of fluid from the extremities. Wearing proper fitting shoes with seamless socks that aren’t too tight or too narrow. And lastly stretching and having a regular foot massage to physically remove the excess fluid with your legs and feet.



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Melissa Biedak

Melissa Biedak


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