How To Select The Correct Running Shoe For Your Needs?

Choosing the correct running shoes is just as important if not more important than making sure you are using the correct equipment for the sport you’re playing. You need to make sure that the shoe you will be wearing is going to assist in your running technique as well as providing comfort since you will […]

5 Lacing Techniques for Runners!

Have you just started running or begun a new daily sport? If so you may find the universal lacing technique for your runners is not providing you with sufficient benefits. Or maybe no matter what the style, brand or fit of your runners, they are still causing you some pain and discomfort. This pain and […]

Training For a Marathon: How You Can Avoid Blisters To Win!

Your marathon is around the corner and you may have your eating plan and training regime in order but have you thought about a blister prevention plan? If you’ve ever run with an open blister, you know how painful it can be. The thought of that raw skin rubbing against your shoes almost makes you […]