Caring For Pregnant Feet

It is important to look after your feet when you are pregnant, as they can swell and also change shape and your arch can also become less predominant which in some cases can cause arch pain. In addition, it can become increasingly harder to reach your feet to cut your toe nails and apply cream […]

Things You Can Do To Relieve Pregnant Feet

Pregnancy is a time of many changes within a woman’s body, some of these very exciting as the child within you grows. However not all changes are as pleasant and foot pain is a very common complaint. As you naturally gain weight during your pregnancy a woman’s centre of gravity is shifted and this places […]

Homemade Moisturising Lotion fit for pregnant feet

Since becoming a mum 10 months ago, I’ve really started to reconsider the types of chemicals I use and come into contact every day. Throughout my pregnancy I found that my feet started to become quite dry.  They’d never been dry before, and I was concerned with the chemical component in some of the creams […]