Why Do Women Commonly Have More Foot Problems Than Men?

Women more commonly present to the Podiatry clinic with foot concerns than men. Some factors that can predispose women to this are footwear and attending nail salons for pedicures. Footwear: Women’s fashion footwear in the current market provides little to no support for foot function. They are often ill fitting and place a higher level […]

What Impact Do Your High Heels Have On Your Feet?

While we are often drawn to high heels due to their pretty nature and their ability to make your legs look longer, we never really think what the effect of wearing high heels has on our feet and body in the long term. From the moment you stand in high heels, nearly 2/3 of your […]

The not so great shoe swap

I’m sure we can all agree, at some point we’ve suffered from “shoe envy”.  I get it all the time!  Being a Podiatrist, I’ve got two minds about shoes – there’s the fashionable ones (you know the ones, nice heel, lovely calf accentuation and lengthening effect, may have some foot pain in the morning – […]

When should I make my next medical pedicure?

A great question, and the answer to this depends on the condition of your feet, the types of shoes you wear and activities you do, the results of treatment you are expecting and how much effort you are willing to put into your feet. At medical pedicure, our aim is to make your feet the […]

Medical Pedicure covered by Private Health Insurance

Yes!  As our services are provided by qualified Podiatrists, you can use your private health insurance to cover services provided by Medical Pedicure.  We have HICAPS onsite for your convenience. Hope to see you soon!  

Killer High Heels Causing Pain?

Killer High Heels Causing Pain? Developed by podiatrists, our high heel orthotics represent the ultimate in walking comfort! Our orthotic insoles are flexible and fit in most types of women’s fashion shoes, including pumps, court shoes, sandals or boots with low to medium high heel.  DID YOU KNOW? Walking in heels means most of your […]