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What Shoes Do We Wear On Our Feet During Summer?

Without a doubt come summer time I always get asked “what shoes do you wear during summer?” Often the answer is… you guessed it, THONGS!

As we all want to avoid wearing closed in shoes that make our feet sweaty, hot and uncomfortable it’s an easy choice to want to throw on a pair of our trusty thongs.

So why don’t we like you wearing thongs?

Typically, when wearing thongs, you may notice that as your feet are exposed they will often dry out causing calluses and cracks to develop especially on the heels as a result of the harsh temperatures and dry heat. Over time if left untreated, this could lead to deep fissures causing pain and potential infection to occur.

With all open toed shoes, you are more at risk of stubbing your toes or tripping over as your feet will try to grip onto the shoes to enable you to balance. In doing this it can also lead to the toes clawing with over time causes the muscles within your feet to become restricted.

The majority of thongs are made out of flexible materials that often provide no support, with a thin strap that attempts to hold your feet in.

So what is the solution if thongs are so bad for your feet!

Shoes such as Birkinstocks or Archies could be the perfect option for you! They are a more sensible, comfortable and podiatrist approved shoe that provides you with comfort and support for your arches!

It should be advised that it is recommended that you speak to your podiatrist prior to buying any of these shoes to ensure that they are suitable to your foot type and needs.

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Why Do Women Commonly Have More Foot Problems Than Men?

 Women more commonly present to the Podiatry clinic with foot concerns than men. Some factors that can predispose women to this are footwear and attending nail salons for pedicures.


Women’s fashion footwear in the current market provides little to no support for foot function. They are often ill fitting and place a higher level of stress through the foot. While men’s shoes typically have a wider toe box, fastenings and greater ground contact surface area, the opposite is noted in most women’s shoes. High heels and ballet flats are two of the most commons women’s fashion shoes. These two types of shoes in particular demonstrate problematic characteristics for good foot health.


High heels:
The smaller contact surface area, elevated heel height and narrow toe box of this shoe type place greater stress on the forefoot and alter the natural gait cycle significantly. The smaller surface contact area and forward shift in the bodies centre of gravity place most of the bodies weight onto the ball of the foot. Common pathologies linked to long term use of high heels include: bunions, corns, callus, toe deformities, Achilles tendonitis and plantar plate tears.


Ballet flats:
Ballet flats may seem like the lesser of two evils when it comes to women’s footwear, but this is not the case. Soft soled shoes with no fastenings and little structure to the shoe also cause harm. This type of shoe is often harder to keep on your foot and allows for excessive foot motion in those with pronated foot types. Often digital deformities, heel pain, calluses and pathology due to poor foot posture are associated with this type of shoe.


Nail salons:
Attending nail salons is often something women do to pamper themselves but there is a risk associated. Fungal nail infections and ingrown toe nails are common in those frequenting nail salons. Booking a medical pedicure with a Podiatrist is one way to avoid such risk while still enjoying the benefits of a pampering treatment.​

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Why You Should Avoid Thongs This Summer!


With all the crazy weather past us, it seems like sunny days are ahead! Before you slip on those flip flops and head to the beach, have a look at our top 5 reasons why you should seek an alternative shoe to thongs this summer!

1. Hammertoes
Flip flops have no real fastening mechanism. When you walk in thongs, your toes are constantly trying to clench onto the shoes for support. Without laces or Velcro straps to hug the foot in, your toes need to work extra hard to keep the shoe in place. This overtime can create toe deformities like hammertoes.


2. Exposure to fungal, viral and bacterial infections
As the majority of your foot is exposed to the environment, you are at risk of developing conditions such as Athletes foot and warts. This becomes more of an issue if you have open wounds or micro-wounds from exfoliation and shaving.

3. Blisters!
Think hot weather, sweaty, swollen feet mixed with tough plastic. It’s almost like you’re asking for blisters. Once the blister forms and pops overtime, this creates an open sore for bacteria and other pathogens to invade the body.

4. Unsightly bunions
Your toes are under tremendous pressure to keep your thongs in place and this process can aggravate and further worsen your bunions overtime.

5. Dry, cracked heels

With more surface area exposed to the environment, it’s more likely your skin will dry out and crack. This can become an issue again as it creates a portal of entry for bacteria, fungi and viruses.
This doesn’t mean that a pair of runners or closed lace up shoes are the only options for you and your children with the warmer days ahead, just be mindful about the amount of time spent in thongs or open toed sandals. Be sure to always keep you and your children’s feet in check to avoid problems in the future.
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