A Message from our Team

As Podiatrists we see patients coming into our clinics with avoidable conditions, often a result of poor hygiene at local salons. Time and time again we see people taking risks to have pedicures and then booking in to treat the after effects when something goes wrong. This is why we decided that Medical Pedicure was the way forward and it was designed with your safety and health in mind.

At Medical Pedicure we are qualified Podiatrists who use only autoclaved and sanitary instruments. It is here that you will get the best advice for all your foot related matters. Why risk your health and your feet?

-The Team at Medical Pedicure

Why Choose Us

We are qualified and experienced Podiatrists who have extensive knowledge in all related foot issues. Our Podiatrists’ can assess your feet, provide an appropriate treatment and prescribe the right advice for your concerns. We also can educate you on how to best look after your feet and avoid their deterioration.

All of our instruments are sterilized as required by law, greatly reducing your risk of picking up nasty bacterial, fungal or viral infections.

Plus for most people with health insurance, it covers podiatry. You can claim your rebate on the spot using the HICAPS system.

Who We Are

Lauren Osborne – Podiatrist 

Lauren has recently graduated from La Trobe University. She has varied interests through out podiatry and in particular does enjoy working with patients who have sports injuries in addition to providing general treatments. She prides herself in finding the most appropriate outcome for her patients to ensure that they are always leaving happy and satisfied with their treatment.
Lauren works at both our Yarraville and South Melbourne clinics.

Alexandra Rejda – Podiatrist 

Alex is a La Trobe University graduate with a special interest in skin pathologies and sporting injuries.  She is particularly interested providing the best practice care to her patients by ensuring she is up to date with the latest techniques.
Alex works at both our Yarraville and South Melbourne clinics.

Jane Woodford – Podiatrist 

Jane completed her Podiatry studies with La Trobe University Bendigo at the end of 2015. Since graduating she has worked within Private Health to provide comprehensive foot care to a range of clients. Having also completed training in Trigger Point Dry Needling she is always excited to expand her knowledge base to improve health outcomes for clients. Her professional interests include Diabetic foot care, Partial Nail Avulsion surgeries and Children’s Podiatry.

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To book an appointment at our Medical Pedicure clinic, please call our reception on

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