What Is The Best Exercise To Benefit Your Foot Health?

Our feet carry us all day and it is important to look after our feet. This is easily done on a daily basis and your feet will thank you for it!


  1. Roll foot on golf ball while watching tv at night, to help relax your foot muscles.


  1. Foot stretching before getting out of bed, move your feet up and down and around in circles. This will help warm up the feet and stretch them out before putting your heel straight on the ground when getting out of bed.



  1. 1 legged stand – hold for 15 seconds, swap legs and try this 3 times, this will help strengthen all the little muscles around the ankles and in the foot, in addition will help with balance. (If you find this difficult, hold onto a chair or a door frame)


In addition, it is important to stretch and warm up before participating in physical activity. If you are getting any pain or discomfort in your lower legs or feet during exercise, one of our friendly podiatrists will help you get to the root of the issue.


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